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The Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society Inc. is a 'not for profit' organisation which supports the South Australian Government in promoting and preserving the Adelaide Gaol as an educational museum, a major tourist attraction and a valuable part of South Australia's heritage.

The Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society is run entirely by volunteers. The Society conducts the original and authentic Gaol Tours and is not affiliated with any privately run Gaol tour operators.

The Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society Committee of Management also assists the Gaol Management in recruiting and training volunteer guides, assisting with maintenance, promoting and publicising the Gaol and funding projects approved by the committee.

Who we are

Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society 2011-2012 committee members:
President - Penny Wilkinson
Vice President - Jeff Fausch
Secretary - Trevor Porter
Treasurer - Davina Cutchie
Committee - Helen Hann, Chris Hunter, Barry Mills, Krystal Coats, James Perriman, Jessica Vassallo, Sarah Vockins, Scott Vockins and Rob Wilkinson.

What we, the AGPS Volunteers, have achieved

When The Adelaide Gaol closed as a working prison in 1988 the then State Heritage Branch called for volunteers to act as guides in a trial public opening of the Gaol. This opening was a success and, as a result, it was decided that public tours of the Gaol should continue.

Two of the original volunteers from the first open days approached the Heritage Branch and proposed that a society be formed to assist in operating the Gaol. This was agreed and The Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society Inc. came into being on the 9th April 1989. For the next three and a half years the gaol was operated solely by the Society and in 1992 the Department appointed a Manager for the Gaol.

In those early days the volunteers, with very little in the way of funding, cleaned, repaired, painted and set up displays, organised information boards and overhauled as many areas of the Gaol as possible. They applied for 'grants' to aid them in their work and accepted, when offered, donations from interested parties.

Government funding became less and less and the Gaol started to show signs of neglect and disrepair. During this time the Society continued to care for the Gaol, resorting to fund raising events to pay for repairs and upkeep in an effort to keep the Gaol open for the public.

The Society has achieved much during this period, such as opening and running the Gaol shop, recruiting and training guides and volunteers, organising guided tours, sourcing artefacts and information about the Gaol and advising the Government on policies and procedures for preserving the Gaol and the uses to which it may be put.

The relationship between the Department of Environment and Heritage, as the Heritage Branch had become, and the Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society Inc. became strained when a rumour was leaked that the Gaol would close. The Society strongly opposed this and initiated talks with DEH heads and government personnel. Eventually our voice was heard resulting in the then Minister (Gail Gago) announcing that the Gaol would not be closing.

In late 2007, much to the Society's relief, Government funding was increased enabling maintenance and repair work to begin. Since then, the Society's relationship with the Department has improved considerably and once again we are working together to showcase this heritage jewel to the public. Of course there is still much to be done and we will always be endeavouring to overcome Government budget constraints.

Become a Volunteer and help support us

The Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society's volunteers are proud of the role they have played in the Gaol's recent history.

These ongoing activities are dependent on various public donations and grants. In addition, all purchases (books, souvenirs and refreshments) from our shop assist the AGPS to continue their work in preserving the Gaol for future generations.

Volunteer Opportunities
The Society is always looking to recruit additional volunteers to assist with their important work. Opportunities exist for tour guides, shop assistants, trades people and many other vocations.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, simply download and complete a copy of the Volunteer Application Form.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information.


The Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society Inc. publishes a monthly newsletter which is circulated to all members.


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